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Our Business Model

We have set ourselves the goal of connecting the worlds of fiat, crypto and digital currencies.
With our future multi-currency platform, we will set the new digital standard for international payment transactions.
On our platform, everyone - whether a business or private customer - will be able to receive any currency, to exchange, to store and to utilise it in daily payment transactions easily, securely, quickly and cost-effectively.

Through crypto and digital currencies, the monopoly of states and banks will be disrupted globally.

The digital transformation is changing the financial world.
Open competition is emerging.
Virtual currencies offer significant opportunities and growth potential for innovative FinTech companies, such as Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG.
With our modular and scalable multi-currency platform, we are in the right place at the right time.

Our goal is to benefit from the worldwide significant future growth opportunities of virtual currencies. Against this background, Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG is pursuing full regulation of its multi-currency platform.
With our future products SecPay and Smartwallet - fully licensed and at the highest security standard - we will enable business and private customers to participate in this megatrend.
In the future, Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG plans to generate revenues from transaction fees and exchange rate differences, so-called spreads.

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Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG is a member of



The digital point-of-sale system for business customers

SecPay will enable retailers to easily and securely accept bitcoin payments without having to deal with cryptocurrencies themselves. In doing so, SecPay will guarantee retailers always the fixed pay-out amount in euro without any exchange rate risk and will be suitable for online shops as well as in-store shops and restaurants.

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The digital wallet for private customers

Smartwallet will allow private customers to receive, exchange, store and send all kinds of fiat, crypto and digital currencies. To this end, smartwallet will offer a simple and easy-to-use interface that integrates all currencies and helps users to carry out their everyday financial transactions easily and securely - in whatever currency.

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Press release
30. September 2022
Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG achieves operational milestones and closes the first half of 2022 with positive EBITDA

Advanced Bitcoin Technologies AG has achieved important operational milestones and a positive EBITDA at group level in the first half of the year from January 1st to June 30th, 2022. As part of the ongoing strategic realignment towards becoming an ecosystem builder, the ABT-Group has launched the new mobile app "twest - Get Bitcoin by tweet", identified a growth portfolio consisting of 20 promising crypto projects and invested in their tokens, and completed its first ecosystem investment in the blockchain and digital-assets startup Tradelite Solutions GmbH, which develops and markets "play-to-earn" and "play-to-learn" games in the field of financial entertainment. As a next step, also the new digital checkout system for business customers "SecPay - accept Bitcoin, receive Euro", which enables merchants to accept Bitcoin payments easily and securely, will be taken operational. At the same time, the ABT-Group closed the first half of 2022 with an operating profit (EBITDA, defined as total revenues plus other operating income, less material costs, personnel expenses, and other operating expenses) of EUR 134 thousand (first half of 2021: EUR 809 thousand).