for business customers


The digital point-of-sale system for business customers

SecPay will enable retailers to easily and securely accept bitcoin payments without having to deal with cryptocurrencies themselves. In doing so, SecPay will guarantee retailers always the fixed pay-out amount in euro without any exchange rate risk and will be suitable for online shops as well as in-store shops and restaurants.

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With SecPay - accepting bitcoin payments easily & securely - retailers will benefit from five key advantages:
You are number 1 - Clear differentiation from the competitors
As innovation leader you are creating a unique selling proposition and by that achieving a positive and wide-ranging public relations impact.
More turnover through new customers with high payment capacity
You are reaching around 6 million German and 33 million European Bitcoin users with an above-average income. Studies assume a short-term tripling of this potential. The key target group is between 25 and 55 years old and predominantly male.
Less expensive, faster and more secure than credit cards, PayPal and SOFORT/Klarna.
You are saving money and getting on your nerves: Maximum 1% transaction fee, no chargeback and exchange rate risk, daily pay-out in full.g.
Easy and swift installation in your shop
Guaranteed go-live in only four weeks due to our dedicated IT support during installation into your existing shop infrastructure.
From Europe and GDPR compliant
Your data and that of your customers are secure and exclusively processed in in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR and stored on servers with the latest European security standards.

for private customers


The digital wallet for private customers

Smartwallet will allow private customers to receive, exchange, store and send all kinds of fiat, crypto and digital currencies. To this end, smartwallet will offer a simple and easy-to-use interface that integrates all currencies and helps users to carry out their everyday financial transactions easily and securely - in whatever currency.